About me

I try – as much as possible – to keep things simple, so anyone  (regardless of experience or skill) can understand.

I love technology.

I love the empowerment technology provides to the human person (from reaching the stars to reaching our own God within) and I love to keep technology simple, reachable, friendly; to the point it can be applied by anyone to make that person the best version of him or her self.

In addition, I love media. I love how media is a powerful tool to spread knowledge, to program minds to the highest good on a massive scale.

With this in mind, I have been using media (Radio, TV and now Internet Television) for the last 10 years to make technology, accessible and understandable for anyone.  I built this blog for the very same reason.

I hope you like what you watch or read, but most importantly, I hope it creates a positive impact on your daily life.